Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just in the Nick of Time

So here's the monthly blog! Just in the nick of time!

I feel like I use the word busy too much. Aren't we are all guilty of TBD (Too Busy Disorder)? I don't mean it as a crutch or excuse. The thing is--you always make time for what's important to you. Whether it's your family, friends, job, church, hobby, etc. It's what you look forward to when all the other parts of your life are mismatched and hectic---we all have that reward.

One of the highlights of the past few weeks is getting to see a good friend of mine, a writer, and fellow blogger, Elizabeth Mozley McGrady. I had the pleasure of meeting her about this time last year at a book signing and then getting to read her beautiful words about our shared love of NYC in "We Share the Same Sky." Please check out her blog:  What a sweet friendship to have when you know when you get homesick more than anything for your favorite city--you know you can talk and share memories with that person because they love it just as much! We met for dinner at Mater's in Gadsden and had the best time talking about so many things...but to sum it up--LIFE! How beautiful! Forgot to get a picture but we did get this photo sometime last year--she's a wonderful person & friend!

Early this month, I met my sister in Birmingham for the Mat Kearney concert. We ate dinner at a place called Slice! It was love at first sight of this upscale pizza joint! Their salads had gotten rave reviews so it was a must for us--the house was perfection in every way. The sugared pecans, the honey dijon dressing. We split the Very Veggie--and it was that! So yummy!
And then there's dessert--quite possibly my biggest weakness, tiramisu, and then you say tiramisu cheesecake?! Done & Done.

The concert was a favorite for sure! Parachute and Judah & the Lion put on a great show too!

 Side note: a guy at the concert asked me if my dress was chevron. Anyone who knows me close, knows that is the ONE print I CANNOT stand! Taken aback, I immediately fired back, "I don't know what it is but I hate chevron!" and walked away. Geez. Micheal Kors wouldn't do chevron print!

My cousin Kase turned two on April 1st but we celebrated on Saturday with a Thomas the Train theme party!
He had a boucey house that he adored & got a little jeep to drive around just like his Dad's, among other toys and goodies, mostly Thomas the Train!
Mom & I went for a hike at Noccalula Falls Park! So much fun!
April showers sometimes bring one of my favorite things--Rainbows make me so happy! God's beauty in nature is just perfect---He doesn't have to do any of this but He chooses out of His love for his children!

 It's garden time!

One of the biggest events at work happened April 9-12--the Bassmaster Elite tournament!
It was a lot of work and planning but also a lot of fun and great for Marshall County! Skeet Reese ended up winning the tournament with over 90 lbs of fish for 4 days! Here my coworker Beth & I took a minute out of the craziness to pose for a magazine cover, ha!

Mom and I went to Tuscaloosa last week for the NEEDTOBREATHE Compadres Tour! Can't say enough about the venue, the band, the night, etc. The new Embassy Suites Hotel downtown is super nice and within walking distance to the Amphitheater!

 Priscilla Shirer is an awesome Woman of God! I love her style of teaching and girl did she bring The Word on Saturday in Huntsville! She talked about putting on the full armor of God in every part of our life! Amazing time spent with some of my favorite ladies from church!

 My cousin Kase wrote the book on cool, y'all! He calls me "Enshey" and it's precious.

Living Out the Plans:
I'm preaching to myself when I say it's time to SLOW DOWN and appreciate what is in front of you--don't get so busy you start neglecting your time with The Lord, your family and friends, and the things that truly make you happy. I don't want to be always caught just in the nick of time when it comes to what matters. May we seek God's beauty and promises each day, rest in them, knowing they are sound, secure, and our Rock in whatever we face.

One of my favorite hymns is "Standing on the Promises." Did you know how many promises we have in God's Word? Over 8,000 are offered up from The Lord! That should give us such hope for whatever we are going through! We must grab hold of His promises and not be hindered in fear.

"Standing on the Promises I cannot fall,
Listening every moment to the Spirit's call.
Resting in my Savior as my all in all.
Standing on the promises of God."

Until Next Time...
                                                                      Take it easy!

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