Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dark vs. Light

Daylight Savings Time...oh how we loathe you. It stinks getting home at dark and being woken up by the sun an hour before you're supposed to get up. Where is the petition to sign to not observe this? This case of Dark vs. Light---I choose LIGHT!

I'm crushing over this adorable pug dressed in fur in front of the Plaza Hotel I saw on Pinterest. That tongue, that coat, that darling!

 So here's my own little darling, Cuddles,--doing our Sunday thing on the couch...napping, watching corny Christmas movies--a month too early, and binging on trail mix/kibbles & bits. FYI--I got my hair trimmed--after 5 months! :0
Our Young Professional group hosted a Halloween Party on Thursday at the Bridge Cafe. We had all kinds of entertaining costumes---
Cruella DeVil won Best Costume! Glad no Dalmatians were harmed in the making of her costume!

June & Johnny Cash in the house! This dude could play, too!
I was a tacky tourist--- fanny pack, I Heart NY shirt, socks over sandals, etc. My cousin and I were being our usual silly self! We decorated together and it was a lot of fun!

Did y'all do your civic duty of voting in the midterm elections this year? I did...even after learning that my polling location had changed. Kind of embarrassing when they couldn't find my name on the sheet and then they had to look up where I needed to go...and so I found it and voted happily and was ready to wait for results. Later in the day I discovered my FitBit was gone from my wrist. This is my means of keeping track of my exercise/steps/calories/sleep/etc so it was crucial I get this back ASAP! I turned to my app for help. I saw the last time it was synched, which was in the morning. I knew it had to be at one of the polling locations. Searching online, I saw where there is an app (LightBlue) that will actually locate your bluetooth devices, should they go missing. I was able to trace it all the way back to the first place I tried voting that morning. I felt like a modern day Sherlock Holmes.Technology is beautiful! We are reunited and I can once again begin my love/hate with my FitBit reminding me how active/inactive I am each day.

Countywide Early Bird Breakfast this morning at Hospice of Marshall County/Sheppard's Cove--great event, yummy grits, and fun times talking to people from all over the county. Me & my coworkers were bright eyed this morning! Coffee coffee coffee!  Which reminds me--"Gilmore Girls" on Netflix, people!

What are y'all reading right now? With the time change, I actually want to read at night--until I get crazy sleepy at 9 pm, ha! I'm reading another Gillian Flynn book "Dark Places." It's different than "Gone Girl," but just as riveting! Her writing haunts you and puts you right in the book! It's also going to be made into a movie, starring Charlize Theron, due out next year. Good read if you like...all things dark.

All this NYC Marathon media attention last weekend got me motivated enough to want to train for a half, at least. One of my favorite bloggers even made a Pro/Con List about doing the marathon. Anyone have any training tips? I'm not a fan of the dark evening runs, but determination is winning, this week anyway. I did manage to see one of the prettiest sunsets on the lake I've ever seen. (Slightly touched up with Pro HDR app). 

Living Out the Plans: Dark vs. Light
Good works don't get you into Heaven. The Bible is clear on that --Eph. 2:8. It is by grace/salvation alone. A relationship with Jesus is the most important thing we can have on Earth. If we are children of God, we enjoy many blessings here, among those is being served and serving others. I was remembering a few times I have been the recipient of a kind gesture, gift, or random act of kindness. It totally makes your day, doesn't it? It is humbling and always seems to come at the right time. It encourages you to then pay it forward, whether it's a sweet card in the mail, a phone call, a smile, hug, or a stranger in front of you paying for your order at the drive-thru. I encourage us all, as the holidays approach and things can tend to get crazy, stress levels run high as there are gifts to be bought, parties to attend, money can be tight, and the demands of family, work, and activities can easily consume our already busy lives, may we take the time to make someone's day as we are led. You never know it's impact AND you usually get just as much if not more of a blessing by doing so! May we be a light in the dark world--radiating God's love in who we are, in what we do. (Eph. 5:7-14).